The Aglets Of Aging!

Remember the plastic ends of shoelaces? They’re called aglets and keep shoelaces from fraying.

Now think of the telomeres that form little caps at the ends of your chromosomes as aglets that keep your genetic material from unraveling. But these shorten over time.

When they become too short the cell stops dividing altogether. In fact, short telomeres are one of the primary reasons our cells grow old.

Research has shown short telomeres contribute to inflammation and disease in the body.  It definitely shortens our “healthspan”!

We now know we can take some control of the length of our telomeres and how healthy they are. We can actually help them get longer!

In a LandMark study it showed people practicing certain health principals were in great shape concerning telomeres.

People in their 70’s had the same telomere length as healthy 40 year olds! This was partly due to shutting down inflammation at the cellular level.  These practices also helped the genetic regulators who manage the cells while also building bigger, better and longer living mitochondria for cell health and energy. 

We’re glad to help you learn how to have healthy telomere length and be “Living Younger, Longer!”™