Below are words from those who found fresh proof, this journey is more joyous when you find a home for your health with Areawide Wellness.        After all, this body is the only house you get.  Moving is not an option!​This business is highly recommended by the owner!I am 67 years old with six children.  I love being a mother, grandmother and great grandmother!

Through the years my body has developed  Arthritis.  I was given several medications.  After 6-8 different arthritis medicines, including painful injections, the only result was stomach problems.  

I bought many different supplements hoping for help.  Most labels guaranteed good results but nothing was working.

I was concerned I would be in a wheel chair soon.  I could hardly get out of my chair or in and out of my car.  Most embarrassing was holding onto the walls and pews at church.  Due to pain, I squirmed in my seat more than a two year old!  So my concerned daughters looked for ways to make my living area wheelchair accessible.

Then I was introduced to Areawide Wellness.  

I am no longer on any medications, including my blood pressure pill!  I now am able to work 50 hours per week and exercise including lifting weights.  My daughters gave me a cell phone trying to keep up with me!

I thank the Lord for Areawide Wellness!  I prayed for God to intervene and He did.  Jane———————————————————————————————————————————————

Here is how one boy had the direction of his life changed due to Mom getting introduced to wellness: “Timothy, now 15, had very severe allergies from the time he was 2 weeks old. The doctors said he would be asthmatic and have ADD because of the disruption to his system and the continual medications he was on for 2 years. We began working at 21/2 years with diet only, and made some progress but not enough. Every teacher, from kindergarten on, pushed for Ritalin which we refused to do. By learning some additional things to do, in the summer before fifth grade we began to see big improvements in his behavior. There were things that helped that surprised us! During fifth grade the teacher saw the change and didn’t push for Ritilin. We were thrilled! Now, no one thinks of Timothy as ADD. He is an honor roll student in the 10th grade and doing well. We are so grateful for the difference in our lives! Diana. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Note from us: We’re seeing more babies being born with health issues, today. There are surprising things that can make a difference. Our goal is to help our families have healthier, more productive lives!

“My total cholesterol had been 265, so the doctor put me on Simvistatin and I was on it for 4 years. 

With everything I’ve been reading about statins and how bad they are, I decided to work with Areawide Wellness.  After a couple of months, I gradually quit taking the statin.  After being off statins for 6 months, my blood work came back with a total cholesterol of 187!”Marcia

———————————————————————————————————————–_________________________________________________________I’m a young mom with two children.  My son is three and was very sick for four months.  He was on a LOT of medicines and non-stop antibiotics for flu, strep throat, colds and ear infections. The doctor said the only option was to put tubes in his ears “to see if it would help.”  

We decided not to have the surgery.  I had been introduced to Areawide Wellness and wanted to try nutrition.

We saw results quickly. Now it’s been many months, our son has not been on one medication and has only had one runny nose that lasted two days.

Working with Areawide Wellness has really paid off.
I’m so thankful we’ve been able to turn things around! ​MelissaI had a terrible bald spot that drove me nuts and my ponytail was very thin.  My hair is so full now and no more annoying bald spot!I’ve been working on my nutrition for over a year but started seeing an improvement within a month of starting.A bonus is I’ve also gotten off all my daily migraine meds because of the help I’ve received.”  M.


“I was not feeling well so went to the doctor for some testing.  Routine blood work showed my liver was in trouble. 

My ALT score was 89   (top of range is 32) My AST score was 54   (top of range is 40)

As a nurse, I know how important the liver is as it performs MANY functions.  It was time to go to work.

I decided to work with Areawide Wellness on this problem.

Two months later I was checked again.  Here are my scores:

ALT was 89     new test 34! ALT was 59   new test 23!

Needless to say, I’m extremely happy to get such great results!  Hats off to Areawide Wellness!” Michelle

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One of the earmarks of my business is the longterm clients I work with.

As clients know I continually study with scientists across the country and have for 45 years.

Hear are a few comments from clients:

“I’m 92 years old and don’t look like it! I’ve been a client of 40 years and still have my natural hair color and it’s not gray!” Alice

“83 is the new 63″. The benefits of learning about clean eating, natural skin help plus anti-aging help has paid off” Nancy

“I gained energy and a zest for life like never before. I feel “on top” of my game at 77. I’m so grateful!” Lorri

“This is my anti-aging mainstay! My aging clock is moving very slowly. 40 years of being a client has paid off in a BIG way!” Cheri