Bile Isn’t Just For Digesting Fat!

Most of us are familiar with bile being used to digest fats. But bile isn’t just for this.

Bile has been shown to be an immune signaling component in the digestive tract.  It binds to receptors in the gut and helps control inflammation and energy metabolism in the digestive tract. You have to have healthy bile flow to activate these receptors.

Bile also works in pathways to allow your gut flora to metabolize toxins and to help with nutrient metabolism.

You also need good bile flow for absorption of fat soluble nutrients like: vitamin A, vitamin D, Vitamin K, Vitamin E…These are mostly immune system nutrients and can be affected by poor bile flow.

And then there’s the fact that bile is a lubricant for the intestinal tract. Think of it as WD40!  Low flow can cause constipation no matter how much water or fiber you take in. As you can see, bile flow is a big deal for our health!