Watch What You Eat!

We want to avoid using high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) as much as possible.

Several years ago, an environmental health researcher, in the government, found a report on mercury. Turns out chemical companies make lye by putting salt through vats of mercury. Lye, in turn, is key to making HFCS. It’s what separates the starch from the kernel.

To look into this further, several samples of HFCS were sent to University of California-Davis. Mercury was found in most samples and in a form believed to be the most toxic to the nervous system.

This information was reported, but……..nothing was done and the researcher was told to NOT do anymore investigation.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is not healthy for blood sugar to begin with. Spiking blood sugar triggers inflammation, causes weight gain and more…..

Now you have another reason to watch for it on labels. We’re not made so we can detoxify mercury well so don’t want it building up in the body. 

I’m told high mercury levels can bring on pseudo Parkinsons Disease as just one of the problems….

There’s plenty of yummy, healthy food to choose from. We don’t need high fructose corn syrup so read those labels!