Runaway Sinus!

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The respiratory tract consists of the nose, sinus and lungs.  Chronic sinusitis is the most common respiratory disease.  It wasn’t always the case.  But in the past 41 years it’s become much more common.

It comes with annoying chronic postnasal drip that causes coughing and throat clearing, congestion and sometimes facial pain.  This is because when a mucous membrane is inflamed it secretes more mucous and swells.

In a Landmark Study done at Mayo Clinic they concluded that all cases of chronic sinusitis were an immune dysfunction caused by fungus.

So you see, fungal issues are not just about the gut. Sinus issues and infections tend to come with overgrowth in the gut.

There are several ways to combat this and get help with congestion and inflammation that comes with this. You can work on the gut and sinus at the same time.

Using some immune system nutrients, to help pull the immune system up is a good idea, too. We can share the best options.

Diet? Staying off gluten, dairy and sugar/refined carbs helps to not promote the problem while you work on getting rid of it.

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