Help With Shingles!

Here’s the monthly testimonial on help a client has received!

” I recently found myself with a case of shingles.

I have one little flat, open sore on my chest, I don’t know if it’s shingles or not, it does not hurt but will not scab over. That is, prior to following the information from Areawide Wellness.

After one night it began a small scab, after the second night I am now certain it’s making it scab over. I had tried a lysine cream and topical antibacterial cream. Both made the sore burn.

I also had two tiny shingles bumps on my chin, and again after two nights they are almost gone. So I’m now working on all my small shingles spots!


Note from us: There nutritional products very helpful with shingles that work internally. But getting some help to heal the skin, on the outside, is a great benefit!

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