Americans and Omega 3

You’ve heard me say, “we’re the worst in the world in taking essential fats. Here’s my notes from a recent contact with a Ph.D Biochemistry/Cancer Research: Everyone agrees Omega-3 intake in N. America is low. A recent study shows we are dead last in this respect. Study: (Stark et al;. progress in lipid Research 63:132-152, 2016 was an analysis of 298 studies recording blood levels of Omega 3s.

There are many health benefits but the best evidence is for good effects on fetal and infant neurodevelopment and heart health. (A recent study done at Tufts and Harvard showed using Omega 3 during pregnancy and infancy improved motor skills. Other studies suggest supplementing in infancy and childhood improves reading skills and reduces ADHD symptoms.)

Several major clinical studies show supplements improve heart health and reduce risk of heart attacks.

Where to get Omega 3s? Cold water, oily, fish but, unfortunately, our oceans are polluted and toxins are even higher in farm raised fish. Experts published a report showing PCB levels in wild caught and farm-raised fish. Based on PCB levels, alone, they said wild caught salmon should not be eaten more than once per month and farm raised no more than once every other month!

Raw nuts and seeds are sources of short chain Omega 3s but the conversion to the long chain is only 5-10%. You can’t eat enough of these to do the job.

This leaves supplements but those purchased in stores come from polluted fish. Many manufacturers have inadequate purification and quality control. Make sure the one you buy has stringent quality control!

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