Use Nutrients to Build the Immune System

vaccineWhen we keep the immune system strong, we are much better off.  I got through last winter, and the winter before that, and the winter before that………without having any colds, flu or any other bug.

I choose not to get the Prevnar, pneumococcal vaccine-which, according to the Wall Street Journal, Sept. 27, 2016 report, brings in over $27 billion a year. (and government rules keep us from suing for negative side effects from faulty manufacturing techniques or any vaccine complications.)

Keeping our digestive tracts in order is important for the immune system as well, as this is where half of the digestive tract lives.  When people get into trouble in this area, too often, they are using meds such as the prescription Nexium or the over the counter Prilosec.

What they probably don’t know is, these type meds have been shown to increase pneumonia by 30%.

We want to turn our thinking around and stop thinking we need drugs instead of building the body with healthy eating and supplements.

There are several supplements to help the digestive tract stay healthy and to build immunity. We can also share information on health eating.

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Barb Fischer