Does “Over The Counter” Mean Safe?

Enjoying summer fun!

You can pick up acetaminophen meds (NSAIDS) even at gas stations, today.  This doesn’t mean they’re safe.  They’ve been shown to increase risk of having asthma, allergies and eczema especially when given to children. 

Why does this happen? Because this ingredient binds to the antioxidant “glutathione”.  Glutathione is REALLY important for us to detoxify.  Two places that call for a high amount of glutathione are the liver and the brain.  Because of this, acetaminophen toxicity is now the most common cause of acute liver failure and the second most common reason for liver transplant.

In the last while, the FDA has increased warnings on NSAID meds because they increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. (but your already knew about this from a previous post.)

Bottom line: There are many ways to attack inflammation in the body with diet and supplements. An anti-inflammatory diet is something all of us want to eat, avoiding sugar, white flour, processed foods,….and then use quality, natural, thoroughly researched, SPECIFIC, supplements. We can help you discover which ones are best for you.

No side effects, only side benefits!