Stressed Out Brain!

Stress is seriously harmful to the brain.  According to our mentors, it literally shrinks it!

Stress causes inflammation in the brain (you can’t feel brain inflammation!) and keeps it from working properly.

A big issue is stress breaks down the blood brain barrier. This is a lining that protects the brain by keeping out infections either coming from the outside or the inside of the body.

We tend to think “stress” is always from what’s happening in life. We don’t think about stress as coming from poor diet-sugar, dairy, gluten, junk food; or poor sleep.

We have control over diet, but we can’t, always, control circumstances. We can, however, help our body cope with stress. There are natural herbs and supplements that are a natural way to bring down the cortisol associated with stress.

If we want good brain health, we want  to help our body relax and be in the “rest and digest” mode as much as possible. 

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