You Are Your Brain

Our brain health controls everything about us: how we perceive events, our personality, how we enjoy life and our emotional responses.  It’s obvious we want to protect this VERY vital organ.

Unfortunately our brain can get inflamed.  This is inflammation we can’t feel.  Even though this inflammation can be triggered by inflammation in the body, the brain has its own immune system that’s very different from the immune system in the rest of the body.  It can be triggered by toxins that sneak in through the blood/brain barrier because it’s leaking due to inflammation.

We now know that if the intestinal tract is leaking, the brain and the lung linings are probably leaking too.  (another reason to get the digestion in order) When toxins leak into the brain, its immune system launches an attack to destroy them.  Unfortunately, this can damage brain tissue in the process producing everything from brain fog to putting us at risk for brain based auto-immune disease.

Here’s one area that’s REALLY important for keeping brain inflammation down: BLOOD SUGAR STABILITY.  Blood sugar that’s too low, too high or bouncing around wreaks havoc on the brain.  To the point, Alzheimer’s is now being called Type 3 Diabetes. 

Keeping a tight rein on blood sugar is crucial for the brain.  We can show you how to do this and once under good control, it’s much easier to eat healthy as the cravings go down.