How are Blood Sugar and Thyroid Connected?


Dysglycemia is when the body doesn’t have the ability to maintain stable blood sugar.  Most people’s blood sugar is, usually, too high or too low.  Both of these aspects lead the way to diabetes.  Diabetes is becoming so common it’s predicted to bankrupt our medical system!


Those we study with tell us unstable blood sugar and its devastating effect on the adrenal glands is at the bottom of several other health issues.  It weakens and inflames the digestive tract, causes the immune barriers of the digestive tract, lungs and brain to leak and pushes the adrenal glands into, well, just pooping out. It also brings on hormone imbalance problems (PMS, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome…..), messes up fatty acid metabolism and bogs down the ability for the body to detoxify.  Quite a list!


All of these will set the stage for thyroid problems.  In fact, auto-immune issues come into play which can lead to a diagnosis of Hashimotos Thyroid Disease.  Blood sugar is important as it’s been found insulin surges will promote autoimmune tissue destruction of the thyroid gland in those with this disease.  Watching the diet is crucial, we can give you tips for this.  Also, there are several supplements who do a big part but the main point, today, is to understand how important healthy blood sugar is and that it affects many other areas. In fact, we’ve been told, as long as the blood sugar is a problem, working on the thyroid will not pan out.

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