Grocery tip: Avoid Trans Fatty Acids

There has been much lobbying against scientists trying to warn how bad trans fatty acids are. As a result of these politics, we have products on the market like shortening in cans, vegetable oils, margarine…..But it’s been known for over 80 years these things trigger disease. Now the evidence is over the top, yet is still being squashed and ignored!
Trans fatty acids are developed in oils through hydrogenation. This process makes the oil last longer before going rancid. The problem is trans fats are totally unnatural to the cell membranes but are brought into them. They throw the scheme of things out of whack and can turn on disease because they DO accumulate.
Remember, cell membranes are like the keyboard to your computer, all the directions for the body come out of them so we want them to be healthy and help us avoid calcified arteries, heart disease, high blood pressure, and even chronic fatigue ….that can come from cells choked with trans fats.
To shop: Avoid trans fat products. For eating: I use organic olive oil (in a glass bottle!) and/or a small amount of organic butter.
I also give my cells an oil change. We can show you how to do this. Get in touch and we’ll guide you to healthier cells!