Magnesium and Estrogen

From past blogs, you’re familiar with magnesium for bone health and how it’s nature’s Calcium Channel Blocker for blood pressure. (If you’re not familiar with how it helps blood pressure, let’s talk!)

You’re probably not as familiar with how it helps with hormone balance.

Here’s the scoop!: it’s a must nutrient for Phase II detoxification of estrogens. Once estrogens go through Phase I detoxification, they become estrogens with the ability to change into estrogens that can do damage and promote cancer.

Magnesium is essential for converting these estrogens into water soluble metabolites before they can become a dangerous and cancer causing form.

Magnesium also helps Phase II detoxification, in another way, by helping an enzyme which promotes detoxification of estrogens.

We know that 85% of people in the U.S. are magnesium deficient. Magnesium, like so many other nutrients, works in multiple areas we don’t even think about.

Using a magnesium supplement is a good idea but they are not all created equal. The sourcing and release of the mineral is important as well as quality control to make sure you are not getting heavy metals and other contaminants coming along for the ride.

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