Where Your Immune System Lives!

Years ago it was thought 37% of our immune system was in the gut. With continued research we now know 75-80% of it lives there.
The flora, living in our digestive tract is VERY important to the immune system. It is now termed “microbiome”. The microbiome is now called an endocrine (hormone producing) gland. In truth, cancer, auto-immune disease, asthma, allergies, diabetes, alzheimers….are all on the rise and are all connected with digestive health. We want to look to the digestive tract as it controls all the major systems of the body including cardiovascular and the central nervous system. 
Gastrointestinal immune cells are called Peyer’s Patches-they protect the mucus membranes of the small intestines against infection. The proper flora directly boosts these immune cells to do a better job.

Many products list the amount of flora on the label but it died off long before it was swallowed. This is wasting one of people’s valuable resources.-their money!

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