“Trick” or Treat!

When do we see cold and flu season kick into gear? It’s about a week after Halloween. Why is this? One answer is-sugar

Several years ago Dr. Emmanuel Cheraskin put out findings from studying what sugar does to the immune system. This is what he found:

The average white blood cell can kill 13 enemies

After 6 tsps. of sugar it now kills 10 enemies (30% less)

After 12 tsps. of sugar it only kills 5 enemies (65% less)

Yes, sugar keeps our white blood cells from protecting us and it’s not hard to get 12 tsp. One can of cola has approximately 10 tsps. Of sugar. Eating this with a candy bar and you’re really beyond the 12 tsps. And the white blood cells work even less!

Couple this with the nutrients that get used up to metabolize the sugar-Vitamin A, Vitamin C, protein, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, copper, chromium, B complex, iron, zinc-MANY BEING IMMUNE SYSTEM NUTRIENTS, you can really see how this affects our children. (and all those adults who help them eat their candy!).

Don’t want to be off work with sick kids? This Halloween, don’t let the “trick” be on your family! Keep putting the good nutrients in with some great supplements (they’re not all created equal and we can inform you on this)……..and watch the sugar intake!