The Important Immune System

It’s VERY important to keep our immune system working well. The number of autoimmune problems (the immune system attacks the body) is on the rise. According to the National Institute of Health, there are 50 million cases of autoimmune diseases diagnosed. There are 9 million cases of cancer and 22 million cases of heart disease. This makes autoimmune problems more than the other two combined.

Our experts believe autoimmune problems are actually higher as a lot of people are not diagnosed. There’s not enough education in this area and the system isn’t set up to catch things early. There may be symptoms but not enough damage to produce an abnormal MRI. As an example, with MS the damage must affect 70% or more of the myelin sheath to show up on an MRI. If the damage is only at 40% the MRI will be normal. In defense of the doctor, he can’t diagnose MS.

Bottom line: by the time there’s a diagnosis, you are way down the path.

There are many ways to work on the immune system with diet, supplements, exercise and keeping toxins out of the body.

Remember: our cells get sick for two reasons-two little nutrients and too many toxins. We can help from both sides. Let’s build a healthy immune system and lighten our toxic load! Call for details!