The “Good Guys” And The Immune System

group of police officers walking during daytime

80% of our immune tissue is in the gut but it can’t work properly without the proper balance of beneficial entities (good guys) living in it.

Immune cells are supposed to identify bad things coming into our environment but are covered with trillions of bacteria, viruses and protozoa. So the immune system has to build cross talk between the good guys that are on the immune system and the immune system’s functions themselves. The job of the good guys is to trigger the immune system and train it to respond to the right things. 

It’s like the immune tissue is a security camera and it’s job is to find bad behavior but it can’t see beyond all the police force (good guys) standing in front of the camera. It becomes the roll of the good guys to make the detection of what should and shouldn’t be there. They, in turn, tell the camera what’s happening and activate the immune response system. 

This cross talk between the good guys and the immune system is VITALLY important. (the more research, the more we see different parts of the body talk to each other.)

This is another reminder you’re only going to be as healthy as your digestive tract and why beneficial intestinal balance is a must for good health. We’re here to help you learn how to make the digestive tract work smoothly. When it comes to your immune system, you can’t afford to be wrong!