Testimonial: “I Love My Life!”-Crohn’s

Life is made for Living!

I had Crohns Disease for 14 years and was almost always on Prednisone (40 mg).and then on 12 Sulfasalazine per day.  They would bring me to a state of not so much pain, but I always had diarrhea, weakness and had to nap a couple times a day. I tried vitamins my Chiropractor  gave me, but they didn’t work.  After about 13 years, I was very broken down and could never gain any weight.  This time the meds didn’t work.  I was so weak  I quit working and stayed home in bed, waiting for a drug to be invented to heal me.

There is surgery where they remove the whole large bowel.  I became desperate!  I was in incredible pain all the time, bleeding, passing tissue…  I only left the house to get IV’s at the hospital.

I was skeptical there was help. But in 4 days on a nutritional program, the achiness had gone and I was not so dizzy when I stood up… I could sit up for 1½ hour at a time… in 7 days I got dressed and took my dog for a walk.  At that point, I knew I was getting better. In 1 month I went back to work, part time, at my job. In three months I didn’t need my medication…

For the first year I was still kinda’ weak and would tire easily.  It’s been two years and now I have no symptoms of Crohn’s disease.  The level of wellness I know today is incredible!  I walk two miles everyday (briskly) I’m up at 5:30 AM until 10:00 at night.  I never have diarrhea or feel sick.  Everyone else around me gets cold and flus… not me!!!  I  have an incredible level of “Happy”!!!   Bonnie Z

If you would like to know what Bonnie did that helped her so much, please get in touch, we’re glad to share!