Take Care of Your Own Health!


We don’t want to count on our government to take care of our health. Too often, we are not being protected.

Case in point-It’s been shown in medical journals, repeatedly, that phthalates (plasticizers to make plastic soft-(think plastic wrap, water bottles, plastic sandwich bags…) and their relative, BPA leach out of containers and can be potent causes of high blood pressure.
Phthalates can cause peripheral artery disease, heart attacks, diabetes and cancer. (there has been a 30% increase of children with diabetes in 10 yrs.)

These chemicals entered the food industry in the 1960s. In 2012 the FDA banned BPA but only from baby formula bottles. In Canada it’s been banned
Altogether. The American Chemical Council has a strong lobby force to work against any restrictions in our country. So it’s up to you to protect your health!

What can we do to not put more in? Avoid using plastic bags and drinking out of soft, plastic water bottles. We can still buy many vegetables and fruits that are not wrapped.
How can you get them out? We can teach you how to rev up the detox of these chemicals. Give us a call!