Stress is NOT Brain Friendly

When we pump cortisol in response to stress, it’s very bad for the brain, especially the part that is connected with learning and memory. This is the area first to be affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia.

This area has a lot of cortisol receptor sites and depends on the proper amount of cortisol to regulate many systems in the body. The sleep/wake cycle is one. Chronic stress over activates this area and causes it to malfunction.

People will have insomnia, energy crashes, become a “night owl” and have other sleep issues.

According to our experts the effect of chronic high cortisol on the brain and the poor sleep rhythm it causes is showing, in studies, to be an early indicator of increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

The 50 most prescribed drugs are for sleep, when this really is a sign the brain is at risk. One out of 8 people over 65 yrs. Has Alzheimer’s and one out of two over 85 yrs. Has it (Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation). This is going higher as the baby boomers age. So if you have trouble with sleep and memory, this can be a sign your brain is breaking down too fast and a red flag for Alzheimer’s. 
Don’t delay-We can show you how to pull that cortisol down in a natural way.

We can’t control all areas of life, but we CAN control whether we protect ourselves from the stress.