Secretory IgA-A Digestive Aspect

To jog your memory, sIgA is an immunoglobulin that is a protective barrier on mucous membrane linings to help prevent infections.  Another aspect is how it helps with digestion.

When food proteins come in there are cells in the gut that “sample” them and determine if there should be an immune response to them.  This happens even before absorption takes place.

SIgA coats the food proteins that come in so these “sampling” cells don’t get overwhelmed.  So it’s important to keep our sIgA in healthy numbers. 

Research has shown that SIgA cells are, significantly, sensitive to stress.  When stressed we, usually, pump more cortisol.  This has an impact on lowering sIgA by increasing a pro-inflammatory chemical.  Then the “sampling” cells can get over worked and start reacting to food proteins.

Studies show a fight with your spouse can cause sIgA to drop for several hours.  In one study people were asked to watch video of graphic WWII events and their sIgA dropped.

So, now we know Secretory IgA is also important for digestion and prevention of promoting reactions to foods. 

What if there was a way to bring down the cortisol response and keep sIgA in a better place?  A way that would also enhance the body’s ability to adapt to continuing stress and without side effects?

Life can be stressful but we don’t have to let it pull down our digestive health! Contact us. We’re happy to share how you can avoid this.