Quality Counts in Soy Protein Shakes

It matters how protein is manufactured!


Soy protein contains compounds that have been classified as “phytoestrogens”.  This classification is no longer accurate.  The term “Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator” is now the term being used.  This is because of the adaptive ability of these compounds on estrogen receptor sites. It appears they have the ability to promote agonistic and anti-agonistic effects depending on the situation.  Example: they will produce an estrogen effect on tissues that are low in estrogen and an anti-estrogen effect on receptor sites where there is too much estrogen. This explains how they help balance hormones.

These compounds have also shown balancing benefits that’s not related to receptor sites due to their support of producing SHBG. This globulin binds to the cell receptors to regulate the bioavailability and performance of hormones. In studies these compounds show health benefits of: metabolism, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effect, protection for cardio and more….

As we’ve said before, about 96% of soy, in the U.S. is GMO.  It’s also not processed properly so it will not be digested well and this causes more harm than good.

As we’ve studied how many protein powders are made we see a lot is going on that does not get labeled.  The protein is, often, mixed in large aluminum vats (aluminum contamination), dried and sprayed through nozzles-(creates nitrates that contribute to cancer), put in ovens at 4,000 degrees multiple times…..The end result is, often, a broken down, distorted, protein the digestive tract can’t absorb well (dangerous!) and a very acidic product that is not healthful.

We’re happy to discuss with you what protein we’ve found that does NOT have these issues and why we chose it.  Contact us!