Problems in the Classroom!

Everyone deserves a chance to learn!

School is in full swing across the country!

Many children have a hard time focusing and controlling impulses. This can make it hard for them to learn, but parents don’t want to medicate them. I would feel the same way if this were my child, especially if there was a way to help them, naturally.

There is help! Here is what one mother found when her son was given something very simple to do:

“My son dealt with sensory issues.  3 weeks ago I began working with him using a few natural supplements and tweaking his diet.  I didn’t tell him or anyone what he was taking.

I spoke with his teacher this week who commented: “He has had two great weeks in class.”

Me: “What have you noticed as different?”

Him: “He’s not as fidgety, not blurting out and is responding better to others.”

This is an ENORMOUS improvement for him!  I highly recommend looking into this as it can make a big difference for your child.”


Note from us: children with ADD and sensory issues can have a very revved up system.  Learning how to help calm this down can help them sleep better too. It sure beats medicating them! We’re here to help your child have a great year of learning! Give us a call: 513/759-0070, text:513/315-1231