Minerals are not just for bones!


The pH of our body is VERY important. When it’s either too acid or too alkaline our bodily functions suffer. Even our organs such as the liver and brain don’t operate as well when our pH is not at least 7.0 Our immune cells are not able to protect us and we more often have many illnesses such as arthritis, cancer and osteoporosis.

Experts will say it’s impossible to overcome chronic illness when there is an acidic condition.

When we are too acidic it’s a red flag showing us we are, probably, mineral deficient. Low minerals are, strongly, connected with the body being too acid. They are alkaline to the pH of the body.

Because we use up a lot of minerals with physical activity and detoxification, our mineral needs are through the roof, today. Let’s talk about mineral products-You want a mineral supplement that is made properly or it won’t work. You want all the co-factors calcium needs, not just Vitamin D. Some calcium products have been shown to not absorb and actually block detoxification pathways?

Also, many calcium products are heat treated. THIS BINDS THE CALCIUM SO IT CAN’T BE UTILIZED BY THE BODY. So, when you think about the minerals, don’t just think about bones but think pH. We’re glad to show you what a great mineral supplement looks like.