Make Drinking Count!

We want to be drinking at least half our body weight in ounces, of water. The body is made up of a lot of water and the brain, even more. Remember coffee, pop and fruit juice dehydrate and are not as helpful as we want. There is a way we can get more benefit while taking in our fluids and we work with a tea mix that gives many. It will give an energy lift-(why I put it in my sports drink for morning workouts).

It also contains four health teas: #1 -from South Africa and known for reducing aging of skin, muscles, internal organs and brain. It has also been used to help allergies-hay fever, asthma and eczema, irritability, headaches, and contains anti-spasmodic agents to relieve stomach cramps.
#2 Green Tea-many health benefits published in medical journals. Major antioxidant, helps weight loss, digestive health, heart health, cancer prevention and anti-inflammatory and detox agent. It also contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate: a study shows it helps alleviate adverse effects of a high fat and high fructose diet. (16 week study showed it protected against memory impairment) Neuroinflammation was also lowered in two pathways in addition to a decrease of the inflammatory promoter necrosis factor-alpha. It does so much more but that’s it for now!

#3 -more anti-cancer help -especially for colon cancer) and also has epigallocatechin-3-gallate. #4- Japan’s highest grade tea with 10-200x the antioxidant levels of green tea and 70x more antioxidants than a glass of orange juice. It energizes detox of the liver and entire body and brain. Boosts metabolic rate 34-40% without the stimulating effects of coffee while having the effect of relaxation and alertness.

Get in touch to “sip and sample!”

You can see why I drink this tea every day! Because these teas are coming from other places in the world, I wouldn’t even consider using them outside of our source. No one else has the impeccable quality control of testing for 350 contaminants. (as I know most of the supply chain of green tea is contaminated, These standards are very important to me. ) It comes in a handy “tea stick”. If you would like a sample let us know-ask for Pomegranite or green flavor (contain all the same teas). The drink difference!