Lighten the Load

You want to avoid toxins in any area you can to lighten the load your body has to deal with.  We are living in the most toxic environment in the history of the planet.  We often don’t think about how damaging the cleaners, we buy at the store, are and how they affect our body.  We’ve polluted the outside so badly we’ve wiped out entire forests and destroyed monuments with acid rain.  But indoors we have done even worse with chemicals and these accumulate in our environment and bodies.


Our cell membranes are a covering for the outside of the cell.  It’s like a computer key board with a fatty acid layer from which directions for being healthy or for health problems, come from.  So, you see, chemical damage to this membrane has extensive effects.  In fact, many of these chemicals are fat soluble. This means the brain is the primary target organ.  Specialized fats in cell membranes are more abundant in the brain and the nervous system than elsewhere in the body.  These chemicals can penetrate these fats.  We also know they produce health problems: cancer, hormone imbalance….but there are no blood tests or x-rays that will diagnose what’s happening.


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