Keeping Our Kids Immune System Strong!


t’s sooo important to keep our children’s immune system strong. Giving repeated antibiotics and putting tubes in ears for recurrent ear infections has backlash.

According to our experts, foreign bodies and antibiotics can create dangerous antibiotic resistant biofilms around bacteria. In fact, in one study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 92% of middle ear infections in a group of children with PE tubes had biofilms.

Any foreign object in the body becomes a magnet for infection and this leads to antibiotic resistant biofilm coating on the bacteria. Then having a low grade chronic infection and inflammation, the foreign object, PE tube in the middle ear, becomes a magnet for clots. These clots can travel to many places in the body.

We can keep our kids immune systems strong with a healthy diet and several key supplements to boost brain function and ward off infections.

Besides boosting the immune system we can, also, show you how to specifically target prevention of ear infections. For antibiotics can create ADD, allergies, recurrent infections, digestive problems and more…….Helping you be too informed for your kids to fail!