I Hope You’re a Fathead!

Our brain is one of our most important organs. It must last us a lifetime! Sadly, many folk’s brains are heading down the path of Alzheimer’s due to lack of the right essential fatty acids for brain health.

As you know, the digestive tract is the second brain. It talks to the brain and the brain talks back. Actually, the conversation is more gut talking to brain than vice versa. But the brain needs particular essential fats.

If one has had their gallbladder removed or has issues with pancreatic function-both impair absorption of these fatty acids, so he/she wants help with absorption of fat soluble nutrients.

As we get older, it becomes more important to get help with memory breaking down. One of the reasons for this is, over time, we accumulate more chemical toxins that can affect brain function.

So remember, you want to be a fathead with the right fats keeping the brain in good shape!

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