Healthy Digestion Healthier Baby!

It’s VERY important we have a healthy digestive tract when pregnant. Even though nourishing our baby, well, is vital-so is who’s living in this area of our body.

As moms we inoculate our babies with our flora when they are born. If we are all out of balance, we will pass on an imbalance. In fact, just being pregnant will bring on more imbalances in mom’s digestive tract due to the hormone changes. This can bring on a whole host of issues for precious baby such as colic, tummy aches, spitting up A LOT due to poor digestion, ear infections, allergies… and lead to things down the road such as ADD, auto-immune disease and more………

A tendency we have, today, is to overlook digestive symptoms. After all, don’t most people have them? Without realizing it, we treat symptoms by taking tums, herbs or other remedies to quell the burning, burping, gas etc. that are all signs of digestive tract issues. When we see the symptoms go away, we think we’re “fixed”. NOT SO! The problem is still there and baby is set up for bad news.

We can show you how to have a healthy digestive tract throughout pregnancy to give your baby a great start in life!
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