Don’t let the toxin Grinch harm your kids!

Some manufacturers try to stand out by claiming their products are “natural”.  They’re using buzzwords as they know this will connect with Americans.  Don’t be fooled by this.  These claims are bogus.  It’s marketing!


There is no legal definition for “natural” so companies don’t have to provide any evidence to back up their claims.  They don’t have a detailed list of their sources and processing methods for all their ingredients.

You would be surprised at what goes on that you can’t see. Example: scientists tell us corn syrup is contaminated with mercury because of how it’s processed.  So don’t rely on “natural” to make you feel safe.


If you’d like to talk about how to choose healthy foods, we’re glad to chat! Keeping your kids healthy is one of our primary goals!

We don’t want the toxin Grinch to rob their health!