Deadly Disinfectants!

Health isn’t only about what we put in our mouths.  It’s also about what’s in our environment.

Take disinfectants. They can be VERY toxic! Information from a board certified Environmental Medical Specialist and Pediatric Allergist, has shown us that disinfectants can cause many problems from brain fog to feeling REALLY ill for adults and children.

There is a, safe, natural, alternative and it only costs 3 cents per 16 oz. spray bottle while killing 44 types of bacteria,fungi and viruses-including HIV.

You can save your health and save your money at the same time!

On the other had, chlorine bleach is a very toxic product and has been connected with breast cancer by several scientists.

Experts have found fumes from chlorine products  so toxic they will dissolve the hairs in the nose and sinus allowing pathogens to easily enter the body to bring on more illness. Yes, people who’ve had this happen get sick more often!

You can de-germ without being deadly! Let us know you want details.  We’re here to help!