Birth and Auto-immunity

How we start out matters!

Having the right flora in our digestive tracts is important from birth. As mothers we inoculate our babies with flora when they’re born. This is a very important aspect for baby and we want to pass on the best balance possible. Making sure we use flora products that are viable (most aren;t) can make a big difference! We have investigated these products for many years to know which ones do the job and are not a rip off.
(I believe this is the biggest reason our grandchildren have not had ear infections. They’ve been using probiotics since being tiny babies.) We need to be feeding and introducing these beneficial microflora into the body to keep our immune systems healthy.

We now know being born by C-section rather than vaginally changes our flora. People born by C-section have predominantly skin flora. We really need to have vaginal flora to feed our gut. That’s what the immune system needs.

It’s also been found people born by C-section tend to have more issues with auto-immune disease. Auto-immune conditions are definitely on the rise. We now know they are very related to our gut flora. Research shows people with M.S. have different species of flora than people who don’t have M.S. We’ve learned microbial changes in the gut correlate with actual changes in activity in genes that are playing a role in the immune system.

We can’t change the circumstances of our birth but we can change who’s living in our digestive tract. Get in touch and we’ll be glad to fill you in on what the best probiotic products are so you get great benefits.
I’ll use these, daily, for life. After all, that’s what the word “probiotic” means: “for life.”