Being informed on Birth Control

A happy digestive tract puts a smile on your face!

Statistics show 95% of women take birth control, since it’s used for many reasons. Most women, however, don’t really know how birth control pills work. Here’s what happens: It gives such a high dose of hormones that it shuts down the brain-ovarian communication. Think about this:  it’s a high enough dose, that even though part of it isn’t going to absorb, and it’s, then, going to pass through the liver to be further diminished, there will still be enough to work that it will shut down brain-ovarian communication.

When you’re taking a large enough dose of hormones to shut down an entire system in your body, how could it not have an effect on other systems? The gut is definitely a system that gets impacted by birth control pills.

There is much research (as far back as the 1960s) on how birth control pills inflame the digestive tract, create imbalance there and even contribute to auto-immune disease. Some doctors will say it’s no worse, on the gut, than taking an antibiotic. This may be so. The question is: how many women do you know who take antibiotics, every day, for 15-20 years?! This is how long the pill is often used. (don’t forget it’s commonly used for “bad periods” in teenage girls.)

When a woman gets off birth control, there are things to do to normalize and heal the digestive tract and get the hormones back on track. It’s very vital to a woman’s health to turn these areas around. We can help. Get in touch!