Another Study

Heart disease is the #1 killer of those over 45 years and is 80% preventable. Many studies just look at 1-2 SYNTHETIC nutrients and find it really isn’t any help. Your too smart to fall for this as you know a nutrient is not a solo act and doesn’t work alone. You also know all supplements are not equal and SYNTHETIC supplements don’t absorb!
The “Physician’s Health Study Trial” published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, was 8 years long. There were 3,700 male doctors given vitamins C & E. It was found the “supplements didn’t help prevent heart disease or cancer”. (Of course, the media played this up when it came out.) But let’s look at how the study was conducted: Doctors were told to take 400 iu SYNTHETIC alpha tocopherol every other day (this is only one part of the 8 parts of vitamin E and does not work alone. Being synthetic, it didn’t absorb well either.) This is very little vitamin E even if it had all 8 parts and was natural! They were also told to take SYNTHETIC 500 mg. vitamin C (very little) provided by a chemical company,  (a chemical company that made magnetic tape for cassette players in the 80s.)
Doctors with history of heart attack, stroke or cancer and numerous other risk factors were eligible to be in the study. The media didn’t mention when their headlines read “supplements don’t work”, 44% of the doctors were past or current smokers-doctors!?, 42% had high blood pressure, 6% had heart disease, 6% were diabetic and 9% had cancer. The median age was 64 yrs. “Compliance” was considered taking the supplements 2/3rds of the time. They didn’t have to report this until the end of one year. (can you remember if you took your vitamins last March?) Another study without proper screening and little knowledge of nutrition or supplements. Helping you be too informed to fail!-