Another Case for “Organic”

Glyphosate is the main ingredient in an herbicide that’s used to destroy vegetation. More than 80% of genetically modified crops (modified so they won’t die from the glyphosate spray) are sprayed with this to kill weeds but they don’t die themselves. This allows spraying shortly before harvest so it doesn’t have much time to break down and it can remain on the plant.

The issue is even tiny amounts can do damage to health: .1 parts per billion (PPB) alters over 400 genes in the liver and kidney of rats. 10 PPB shows toxic effects on the liver of fish…..Peer reviewed research shows it keeps the body from using minerals, kills the good flora in the digestive tract, disrupts hormones, damages the mitochondria in our cells, causes birth defects and cancer. The problem is we are getting much higher amounts than our guidelines say are safe. Example: some of the most popular breakfast cereals have as much as 670.02 PPB and it’s in more foods than just breakfast cereal. This is another case for buying “organic” as much as possible. Organic foods are not allowed to be genetically modified (GMO) or sprayed with this herbicide.

Remember there are only two reasons our cells get sick: the nutrients go down and the toxins go up.

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