A new side of Vitamin D


Research in Brazil shows supplementing with Vitamin D along with getting proper sleep, helps manage pain.

What’s important to know is sleep and pain share the same neurotransmitters. Low levels of vitamin D are connected with inflammation and poor sleep-both of which can affect pain. People with issues like fibromyalgia, low back pain……often have poor sleep.The research showed there is a connection between the immune system and the nervous system pathways, that are related to sleep, vitamin D and pain.

We all want to know what our vitamin D levels are, for many reasons, including chronic pain. Research has shown some scores, though in range, are not helpful.

Our experts have educated us on what a proper vitamin D level is and what is the purest source of vitamin D. And it’s not synthetic so you need to take 50,000 IU, as in the forms prescribed. JEndocrinol.2017 1:234