Anti-inflammatory protein


We never want to forget basic nutrients that keep us healthy. Protein is the #1 need of the body. Everything that goes on in the body uses protein, whether you are making digestive enzymes or melatonin to help you sleep. It all takes protein.

The immune system is 96% protein.

Protein is VERY important for the ongoing process of detoxification. But, if you think you can eat more meat and dairy to bump your protein up higher, you’ll also be working against your bones and creating more inflammation.

We have studied protein supplements with experts such as this one, who like all our others, is not an employee of any company. The degrees held by this, particular, expert are: Agronomy; Biochemistry, Pharmacognosy (science of bio-active products). M.D. , Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Nutraceuticals and Preventive Medicine.

You can see we are serious about doing our due diligence in seeking out the best products.

If you’d like to be filled in on what proteins we endorse, and why, give us a call.