Changing our Children’s Future!

A new study published in the January, 2018 edition of the Journal Health Affairs compared the mortality rate of children in 19 wealthy, Western countries.  Guess what? The U.S. finished last and we spend more money on health care than any other country on the planet!

The truth is, accidents used to be the number one cause of death in children.  Now it’s cancer! We really want a different approach to what we think of as “health care”.

This time of year there are a lot of “bugs” going around.  When our children do get sick with colds or flu, we want to be very discerning on what we use to “help” them.

In looking at some rehydration, electrolyte drinks for children, this is what the labels show and what research scientists have taught me about these ingredients: Artificial flavors-often made from styrene (a hormone disruptor, enlarges organs), artificial sweetener-sucralose (chlorinated sugar molecule-will destroy the good flora in the digestive tract), artificial sweetener-acesulfame-(studies have linked it to lung and breast cancer, it also triggers craving of carbs), and artificial food dyes (toxic and carcinogenic)……… We can do better than this!

Call us to learn how to have a “Natural Medicine Cabinet”.  Your children’s future is important!